Getting Pampered is Self Care

As a mom I don’t often find myself with a reason to get dressed up and “fancy” as my daughter calls it.

It actually only happens once a year for my husband’s biggest golf tournament.

And when Four Ball time comes I run with it!

It’s a huge production with 3 different dinners, with the kick off night being the most fun and my best opportunity to look my best and live my best mom-on-a-night-out life!

As amazing as this weekend is it’s also a little stressful. There’s lining up babysitters, finding outfits, and getting your hair and makeup Arkansas heat ready.

This year I made the decision to take at least one stressor off my plate.

For the first time in my life I was going to have my hair and makeup done professionally.

Now I’ve had my hair done before, but not makeup and hair.

When I booked my appointment with Salon J’adore I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was excited!

They were about to save me hours of work and keep me stress free after all, how could it not be amazing!

So I made up a yeti full of my favorite adult beverage and headed to the salon.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t have a sip until I safely arrived!)

Y’all. Just walking in I knew I had made the right choice.

Instead of trying to perfect my eye shadow while my toddler danced around me asking for a snack, I was in the most beautiful and quiet place with someone offering ME a snack! Mom heaven!

First stop was makeup with Allison!

She is such a beautiful soul, a wonderful conversationalist, and was so fun to visit with while she made me beautiful! Allison is very knowledgeable and did things with my makeup I didn’t know even existed! The best thing was she has the softest touch!

Just her putting on my foundation felt like a wonderful spa day.

She worked some major magic on me and I felt AMAZING and confident by the time I left her chair!

Next it was Katie Beth’s turn with my hair.

Katie Beth is the owner and lead stylist of Salon J’adore, she did hair for the models at L.A. Fashion Week and I knew she was the right woman for my special night out!

I showed her my outfit and told her my only criteria is that it be off my neck, because Lord is it hot outside, and she got busy!

With just a little bit of conversation she gave me exactly what I was after!

She was an absolute delight to talk to during the fixing me up process and I loved hearing about her time as a stylist and opening her own salon.

I left the salon that day not only feeling like I looked my absolute best, but like I had just had the most fun girl’s night out.

I was pampered and taken care of but also had the most fun!

All the stylists are so personable and great to hang out with!

I got home and put my outfit on and felt like a million bucks!

And then my husband came home.

The look on his face when he saw me confirmed that I had made the right choice!

If I felt like a million bucks before I now felt like a billion!

I was able to leave for dinner feeling nothing but relaxed not having spent the last several hours trying to perfect my own hair and makeup.

I received so many compliments on my look and we had an amazing time during our once a year fancy night!

I went in barefaced and left feeling amazing! They really made our first night out in a while fantastic!

I’ve said before over on Instagram how important it is as women and moms to be ok taking something off your plate. We tend to pile it sky high don’t we?

Whether it’s hair and makeup for an event, or a social obligation you just can’t handle, take it off your plate and be ok with it.

The relief I felt not having this one thing to worry over was immense. I will definitely be back next year for another pampering day!

What’s something you can take off of your plate this week?

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