6 ways to make laundry less frustrating

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Y’all. Few things in life are more certain than laundry.

And goodness knows I have a lot of laundry.

Seriously, what is the deal? Every time I get caught up, I blink and I’m behind again.

I know that a lot of people out there preach doing one load a day to stay ahead, but I’ve found lately that I just prefer to do it all in one day. On Wednesday I know its laundry catch-up day.

I usually give myself a head start at the beginning of the week getting a couple of loads washed and ready to fold.

First thing Wednesday morning, which is the perfect day because I have an episode of Bachelor in Paradise to catch up on, while I’m cycling loads through, I fold what I started.

All while zoning out and watching my show!

Once I fold the first load or two, I get into a real groove.

Really this is why I like doing it all at once. I’ve always preferred monotonous tasks, things that I don’t have to think about while doing them. Laundry is a no thinking task and this momma loves a chance to not use my brain!

Laundry is such a life certainty that I even had to do it on vacation.

I know, big uggghhh.

You all know this summer we went to the beach. It was the best trip ever and I can’t wait to share every detail!

Naturally while there we had to make a run to Walmart.

You just can’t go to a new town without checking out their store, plus we needed things.

I was put in charge of laundry detergent. I picked up Persil® ProClean® Discs™ because its compact for packing to go back home, plus it was on sale, so win/win.

Honestly, I didn’t think much else about it until the next day when my mom came out of the laundry room at the condo and said how great the laundry smelled.

She really went on and on about it until I had to go check it out myself!

Y’all! She was not exaggerating! It smelled AHHHMAZING!

The laundry room was right inside the front door and every time we came in and out, we could smell it.

The best thing though is how clean it got everything.

Yes, even the wet towels that may have sat a little too long in the beach bag and that rogue wet bathing suit that got lost in the back of my car, got nice and clean and smelled so fresh!

Before I had even left the beach, I added more to my Walmart Grocery pickup order for home.

I was hooked and now for sure have a laundry detergent I am loyal to!

I have been missing the beach so much, so the best part is that now the smell reminds me of our time there.

Doing laundry is still the worst, but at least now it makes me have happy beach memories!

As a lifelong laundry hater, I have learned a few tricks to make it suck a little less. If you loathe laundry as much as I do maybe try a few of my tried and true tricks!

  • Use something that smells amazing, if you look forward to the way it makes your house smell you’ll be more likely to do it.
  • Watch your DVR’d shows, if you save all your shows for laundry day, you’ll be even more excited to get started.
  • Listen to podcasts, whether it’s funny or going to teach you something laundry goes faster with something in your ear.
  • Catch up on your reading, this is one time that I love having a book read to me!
  • Got kids? Get them involved. The best thing I ever did was teach my oldest how I like my towels folded. She really helps me make a dent in my laundry pile up. And even the toddler can match socks and fold washcloths!
  • When all else fails reward yourself like a dog. On the days I’m really riding the struggle bus I like to give myself treats. If I can get one entire load folded and put away, I will let myself lay down and chill for 15 minutes. Works every time.

Have a tip to add? Or have an amazing laundry catch up plan?

Tell me in the comments, I love hearing how others do their chores and being inspired to mix up my plan!

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