21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville [Putting the Art in Hospitality]

This post is sponsored by 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville, AR. All opinions are my own and as honest and true as a glass of sweet southern iced tea.

Recently I had a much needed girls weekend in Bentonville, AR.

My first time away in a real long time! Like 10 years long.

As a mom who is admittedly super anxious it was a hard trip to say yes to, but one I am so thankful I did!

I couldn’t possibly pass it up, it’s on my Arkansas bucket list after all!

If it’s been a long time for you as well, and you’re a bit of a homebody like me, I share with you a couple of the things that made it easier here.

 If you’re headed to Bentonville, AR or you have it on your bucket list I’m going to tell you why 21C Museum Hotel Bentonville is THE best place to stay.

I credit this beautiful hotel with helping me have the best weekend ever! (Obviously after the best husband who took care of business while I was living it up!)

Scroll down for all the ways they exceeded my expectations!

It is extremely quiet

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels, some high end, some chains, but I have never experienced the quietness that I found during my weekend at 21C Bentonville.

There was no one running up and down the halls and the rooms were situated away from the elevators.

It was absolute bliss!

The beds are stupid comfy

So comfortable in fact I’ve spent the last two weeks since coming home trying to replicate their pillow situation. I haven’t slept this well in literal years.

It’s unique

It’s not just a hotel. It’s a museum too! Anyone can come visit the art, not just guests of the hotel, and it’s completely free!

The art is everywhere throughout and there is always something new to see. Every time I went downstairs I found a new piece I had somehow missed. Not only do they have permanent installations but their featured exhibit is changed out once a year, so there will be something new to see with each visit!

Their current exhibit is “The Future is Female” and I am obsessed with all of the different mediums used. Peep some of my favorites above.

Everywhere you look there are fun little touches

Whether it’s the rubber duck in the shower, a weird dog pillow you’d find at your grandma’s house, or the purple neon around the bathroom mirror, you’ll find whimsical touches everywhere you turn. 

And I can’t forget to mention the green penguins that pop up randomly!

They have the best restaurant right downstairs

With delicious food and wonderful energy, the Hive is a must try restaurant.

Best part? It’s in house AND they provide room service.

When I ordered the Bloody Mary that tried to kill me (see below) I couldn’t finish it. Because we were still inside the hotel I was able to take it up to my room to finish! Laying in a comfy bed drinking a Bloody Mary? Sign me up!

Our first night in town The Hive hosted us and I had the most amazing meal of my life! Check out every delicious bite here!

Their hospitality cannot be beat

When we first arrived we were treated to a personal tour of the hotel’s art installations, led by their curator Dayton. While talking about the art and the hotel and how they mixed he said something that stuck out to me “We are in the art of hospitality”.

The look in his eye said he knew he was on to something there, I didn’t know it at the time but he really was.

From check in to check out they show you how serious they are about taking care of their guests.

Here are a couple of my personal experiences with them going the extra mile:

After our guided docent tour, which is free and done every Wednesday and Friday at 5pm, I slyly asked Dayton how I could get my hands on one of their famous green penguins.

I had read online that they were randomly placed and I wanted one for my room! Little did I know they encouraged you to grab them if you saw them! Not only did Dayton inform me it was totally ok to snag one, he walked me over to the Hive and helped me complete the mission!

I have never been happier than I was to capture my very own 21C Penguin.

We named him the Baron of Cream from a ridiculous podcast we listened to on the way up, and he came in real handy at bedtime since I was missing my kids.

The Great Heartburn Event of 2019

Saturday after a delicious brunch at Travola Trattoria, a very spicy Bloody Mary + sweet and spicy fries from The Hive, coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab, AND dinner at The Preacher’s Son I had MAJOR heartburn. I know I know. Mistakes were made. I regretted every food choice I made that day but wouldn’t take back any delicious morsel!

We had plans to head to the Forest Concert Series at Crystal Bridges but first I set out to find some tums.

I knew we could easily stop in at Walmart (which is a tiny walk across the street from the hotel) but first I checked with the front desk staff to see if they sold tums, but no luck.

I plopped my burning heart down on the world’s comfiest hotel lobby couch and as each person I knew walked by I’d ask if they had antacids.

No one did so it looked like a stop would be necessary. And I loathe stops.

But lo and behold in walked an angel of mercy from the front desk, Andrew needed something from Walmart and grabbed a tube of tums for me while he was there!

Y’all! You just can’t beat that level of service! Not to mention it’s extremely rare in this day!

I’m still in shock someone would do that for a stranger. Off the clock I might add!

They are central to everything!

The only time we got in our car was to go to Crystal Bridges Museum, and even that was a super short drive!

21C Museum Hotel Bentonville is right off the Square and a very quick walk to all of the food and shopping you could stand!

As a person who avoids driving at all costs I was in heaven.

They are in the middle of a Hallmark movie

The only way to describe Bentonville is “picturesque”.

Every time we stepped out of the hotel something was happening in the square.

It was like arriving in Stars Hollow every day.

The first night after dinner at The Hive we decided to hunt down a drink, we walked right into a big group, people of all ages, singing and playing instruments. It was 10:30 at night. This place, y’all it is precious.

And don’t even get me started on their Saturday Farmers Market.

We’ve all seen the Hallmark Movies. The ones in the cute little towns where everyone is nice and everything is adorable. Then you can picture this town and their farmer’s market.

The fruits and veggies were so pretty they looked fake.

I genuinely fell in love with this hotel and all things Bentonville.

This town is an eclectic mix of hip and cool but with an abundance of small town charm. I very quickly learned what all the fuss was about.

I’ve already got another trip planned for the end of summer to take the kids and I will make sure we stay here again!

Tell me in the comments, what is your number one criteria for a hotel stay?

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