Girl’s Weekend Survival [How to Hang When You’re a Homebody Mom]

This post is sponsored by 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville, AR. All opinions are my own and as honest and true as a glass of sweet southern iced tea.

Picture this, the Grammys are on tv. You actually recognize most of the nominees AND you’re going to stay up until the end of the show. Which won’t be a huge deal because you can sleep in tomorrow.

Sounds like ages ago right? Yeah.
This was the last time I had a weekend away from my kids.
The last time I had a “girl’s weekend” of any sort actually.
Because of this when I was offered a weekend away in Bentonville, AR my first instinct was to say no.
I almost passed up an amazing time and opportunity because I was scared.
Can you believe that? I know. Me neither. But it happened.
Why? Because I have a tendency to put myself last and to let my anxiety win.
And good Lord the things that went through my head.
I’ll miss the kids.
They’ll miss me.
I’ll put my husband out.
I’ll put stress on my family.
I’ll put stress on me.
There were so many reasons to say no.
Thankfully there were more reasons to say YES!

I am so glad I didn’t let my fear get the best of me because we had the best time!
It wasn’t without some bumps in the road, but it was worth it to work through them.
So as someone who always says no to trips away hear this:
Mommas, take the trip!
If you can make it through your lengthy to do list and get on the road you’ll be having fun before you can even get worried!
On the chance the opportunity presents itself to you here are a few helpful tips I learned while I was gone.

Make a to do list

There will be a ton of things to get done before you feel comfortable leaving.
Break it up into a “must do list” and a “would like to do list”. Then give yourself permission to be ok with not completing everything on the ‘would like to do list”.

You’ve deemed it less important so it’s ok to just chill.

Go with friends you actually enjoy

This sounds like an obvious one, but you wouldn’t believe how many girl’s trips I’ve been invited on with people that I didn’t really enjoy. Girl’s trips away should not be wasted on friends of convenience. Save your girl’s trips for when you can go with someone you can truly have fun and connect with!

Part of the reason I had such an amazing time is the super fun friend I chose to bring with me!

Book a quiet hotel

You didn’t go through all the stress of leaving and travel all that way just to listen to someone else’s kids stomp around above you or scream up and down the hall. I never even thought about how important this was until my first morning in the hotel.

We stayed at the 21C Museum Hotel Bentonville and the first thought I had when waking up was HOLY MOLY this is the quietest hotel I’ve ever stayed in! And I have stayed in a lot!

  • Read the reviews.
  • Ask the front desk for a room away from the elevator and on the top floor.
  • You can even ask for a room away from any families.

This is YOUR weekend away. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and your good time.
Click here to see all that 21C Bentonville has to offer besides being amazingly quiet.

Give yourself permission to be lazy

Pack all the things you might possibly want, but be ok with not getting to them all.
I took books to read, face masks to apply, and downloaded new games on my phone.
I didn’t do ANY of them.
If I had downtime I laid on my bed and enjoyed the silence.
Us moms don’t get a lot of silence, so I just wanted to soak it in while I could.

Be ok with ignoring phone calls and texts

Let me set the scene for you, it was our first night in town, we had just finished one of the best dinners I’ve ever had at The Hive. (Check out all the food here!)
I had several cocktails. I was relaxed, having the best time, and waiting on my dessert when my husband texted.
“3 wants to talk. You have a minute?”
Stupidly I rushed out to the lobby to call them, excited to check in.
3 starts telling me he wants to snuggle.

He misses me. 
He wants me to come snuggle him now. 
He starts crying. I start crying. 
It was hard y’all.

The people of Bentonville were nice enough not to stare at the blubbering woman completely melting down in front of the 21C Hotel.
I calmed him down by asking him what kind of truck he wanted me to buy him, and promising to send him pictures of all the trucks I found so he could choose.

He was calm and told me goodnight, however it took me a little bit longer to dry my eyes and head back in to dinner.
Mommas, take every phone call knowing it could upset you, and if you aren’t in a position to get upset ask if you can call them later.

Which brings us to our next tip.

Don’t be above bribery!

Promise treats or whatever you have to to get out of town but GET OUT OF TOWN! Several times in the days leading up to my trip I calmed tears talking about how excited I was to get to pick out treats for them while I was gone!
It’s worth it.
I promise.

Pack your favorite outfits

Maybe for you that looks like wearing yoga pants all day every day.

Or if you’re like me that means wearing all the cute things you don’t normally have a reason to wear.

Whatever your favorite outfits are, pack them, wear them, and be happy and comfortable!
Check out this post for all my favorite looks from my Bentonville Roadtrip!

Don’t forget this trip is for you

Girl’s weekends might not happen often.

Whether it’s because of time constraints or because you’re a homebody like me, you have to enjoy it while it’s happening!

So do all the things you can while you can!
While in Bentonville I took the opportunity to check some things off of my Arkansas bucket list!
I have been dying to go to Crystal Bridges for years and was stupidly excited to finally make it there.
It was an incredible treat to get to explore it without the kids, now when I take them back it will be so much easier knowing what to expect!
Visiting Crystal Bridges with kids? Check out this post for my tips and to see all it has to offer!


Mommas! Live your best life! Whatever that looks like for you, do it! If that means having an absoutely jam packed weekend full of activities, DO IT!

If it means laying around in your bed all day, DO THAT!

For me it meant eating all the food I did not have to cook and having coffee delivered to my door every morning. Sharing it with the Baron of Cream didn’t hurt my feelings either.

The Baron of Cream

Every relaxing weekend looks different. Do what makes YOU happy!

I hope you can utilize some of my tips for going on your long overdue girl’s trip, and the number 1 tip is to JUST DO IT!!
You need time alone!
Even if it is only once every 10 years!

Have a tip for us? Share it in the comments!
And check out my Bentonville highlights here on Instagram.

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