Pinterest worthy Easter egg dying techniques, rated by kids

It’s getting that time to gather the kids to dye Easter eggs!

Like most things in life, Easter egg dying has gotten more Pinteresting over time, you know the drill, difficult and fancy. The Easter egg designs I’m sharing below are mostly simple for all ages and beautiful!

I know we’ve all seen the posts pop up on our Facebook timelines.
They look beautiful and claim to be SO EASY!
But are they?
The kids and I decided to find out.

I chose several of my favorites and we did them all in one day.
Check out our findings!
We’ve rated them by ease for each age and whether the juice was worth the squeeze.
Or in regular words, did they end up pretty enough to be worth the trouble.

I also tell you if you’re gonna have to put pants on and head to the store or if you can grab some supplies from around the house. This is the most important factor!

Since we did these eggs so early we used blown out eggs based on this tutorial.
I loved doing this as a kid with my mom, it’s a great way to decorate and really have the time to enjoy the beauty of the eggs. Fair warning, it’s a simple process but will make your jaw ache a little.
Annnd if anyone is around they will probably make obscene comments. I’m looking at you husband…

Rice Eggs


This was a super easy one, required very little setup, and the toddler could do it on his own.
It also made beautiful eggs! I thought the 8 year old wouldn’t care for this one but she said it was in the top 2 of most fun.

Shocked me, but just glad she had fun!

We used this tutorial.


Age: Fun for all ages

Do you need to put pants on: Probably have everything you need already, pants can be avoided

Difficulty level: Easy

Juice worth the squeeze: Beautiful results for little effort, totally worth trying.

Water Color Eggs

I enjoyed this one. It was so sweet watching the kids creativity shine. Even the toddler, who was just throwing on random colors, turned out amazing! The colors ran together so well.

We used this tutorial.


Age: Fun for all ages

Do you have to put pants on: Probably have everything you need already, you can avoid pants

Difficulty level: Easy

Juice worth the squeeze: Beautiful results, totally worth trying.

Shaving Cream Watercolor Eggs

I have seen this one floating around for years and I have always wanted to try it.

I was not disappointed. These were my favorite!

It has the potential to get very messy, and you do have to let them sit a while to really get the color on, but the end result was so pretty. I would say totally worth it.

And bonus, the kids loved getting to spray out the shaving cream!

Now it should be noted that you don’t want to do this on eggs you plan on eating. The shaving cream will seep into the eggs and it will be disgusting. But if you do blown eggs or don’t plan on eating them go for it. There is a tutorial for doing this with cool whip, I’m not sure I want to eat a sweet egg any more than a shaving cream egg but I’ll link it anyway!

We used this tutorial.

Cool whip tutorial here.


Age: Fun for all ages, but the little ones need help unless you want them covered up in shaving cream and food coloring.

Do you have to put pants on: Very little supplies needed, might have it all already. You can avoid pants

Difficulty level: Easy to medium hardness and it is a process.

Juice worth the squeeze: Absolutely stunning results

Worth trying, be prepared to spend a little time and have a bit of mess.

Rubber Cement Eggs

I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I did not mentally prepare myself for this one. It’s not an instant one. You have to be patient. You have to dye the egg and let that dry, then put on the glue and let that dry, THEN dye it again and let that dry. Then peel the glue. In this techniques defense the end result was really interesting and cool, and the 8 year old said it was her favorite. But it was certainly time consuming, I finished making the toddler’s egg because he lost interest.

We used this tutorial.


Age: Better for older kids, or someone that’s ok with a process

Do you have to put pants on: Probably have everything you need already, you can avoid a trip to the store

Difficulty level: Easy, but time consuming

Juice worth the squeeze: Very interesting results, pretty eggs. I’d say worth trying so long as you know what you’re getting into

Silk Tie eggs

I had done these before. It’s definitely more an older kid and parent project. What’s fun about this one is you never know what you’re going to get. The ties could leave you a bright and vibrant egg like we got last year or a very low key faded egg like we got this year. That’s part of the fun!

The 8 year old and I really enjoy this one, it’s a longer process but it’s so fun unwrapping the eggs to see what you’ve ended up with.

This would also be so fun to do with some girlfriends! A grown up Easter party sounds fantastic!

We used this tutorial.


Age: Fun for older kids to do with a parent

Do you have to put pants on: You need pretty specific supplies, and you have to make sure your ties are 100% silk. We’ve gotten lucky the last two years and found several at Goodwill.

Difficulty level: Medium to difficult, Lengthy process

Juice worth the squeeze: Yes absolutely, they are always beautiful, you should try it at least once, it’s a very cool way to dye eggs.

I hope this helps you decide whether to try that viral egg dying technique you’ve seen floating around!
Bottom line? We had a great time and great results! It was fun to step out of our Easter egg dying box and try something new!
Let me know in the comments what your favorite technique for egg dying is!


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