The Season of Overwhelm

It’s the season of overwhelm and Mommas get the worst of it sometimes.
Be assured, this isn’t another article telling you how to survive, or giving you tips on simplifying. Nope. I am right here in the trenches with you, and I see you.

So I’m checking in on the mommas out there.
The magic makers.
The gift buyers.
The menu planners.
The list checkers.
The decorators.
The keepers of all things jolly.
How ya holding up?

I see you going the extra mile for your family.
I see you making sure you’ve volunteered for that class party or church production.
I know you’re up late moving the dang elf that you love to hate.
I see you checking every retailer for the best price on the gifts your kid has on their list.
I see you planning visits to family and organizing who’s bringing what food.

So how are you momma?
Are you taking time for yourself or are you running yourself ragged?

It’s rhetorical. I know the answer.

I also know that nothing I say will make you slow down because sometimes you just can’t.
There are holiday expectations.
Events to attend, traditions to uphold. Places to be.

We’ve all read those articles about cutting back and doing less, but if you’re anything like me there’s not a single tradition you’re willing to give up.
I created them all and I am so happy to do them. I am not complaining in the LEAST!
These are the core of our holiday, the thread that binds our Christmas together. I do them because I love them, and the kids love them.
But willingly doing all these things doesn’t make me or you any less tired or overwhelmed.
I’m just a momma, putting myself last to make the holidays special.
Just like you. Just like all the other moms out there.

So my prayer for you isn’t that you miraculously pair down your obligations so you can be less overworked and stressed.

No, my prayer is that you get it all done, you make all the magic happen, that you see sweet faces light up over every detail that caused you overwhelm.

My hope for you is that on December 26th you will sit contentedly on your couch (preferably with a glass of wine or spiked eggnog) having reaped the rewards for all your hard work, knowing it was all worth it.

Praying this over all the magic makers, because you did good momma.
The holidays were magic. Now it’s time to chill.

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