Shop local y’all!

It’s small business Saturday!
I’m not always great at remembering to shop small, but around the holidays especially I try really hard to remember the little guy.

Here is a list of some of my favorite places in Central Arkansas to get Christmas gifts.

Conley K Boutique is super cute boutique clothing at a really great price. My favorite thing is never seeing the things they offer anywhere else! I just bought this scarf in maroon and can’t wait to show it off!

Zola and Company sells adorable leather earrings. I LOVE wearing big earrings but after a while they start getting heavy and I just can’t stand it anymore. Not with these. They are so lightweight I make it to the end of the day and don’t even realize I still have them in! And they’re cute! You just can’t beat that.







If you need a massage gift certificate look no further than Tasia Iglesias, LMT . You would never believe someone so tiny could help your stressed out self lose a few tension knots but boy can she!


The Museum of Discovery offers so many membership options. From one end of the life spectrum to the other they have you covered. For the young adults who are still able to stay awake past 8 they have the Science After Dark Membership and for the Grandparents with laps full of grand kids they have a contributing membership that would cover just about anyone they wanted to take!
Don’t forget to check out the Explorer Store while you’re there. They have so many unique gifts for every age and interest. They are my go to for stocking stuffers that are completely one of a kind! Last year I got my dad bacon flavored candy canes and pickle flavored tooth picks! Everyone loved them! If you don’t make it out Saturday try Sunday, they are participating in Museum Store Sunday and select merchandise will be 25% off!

For the coffee addict in your life how about a gift card to Koffee with a Kause? Every one of their delicious drinks comes with a side of warm fuzzies by way of a donation to that month’s charity of choice. Even if you don’t take sugar in your coffee it’s hard to resist that kind of sweetness! Coffee with a side of love is certain to warm any tiny grinch heart!

The Bramble Market is an adorable indoor/outdoor farmers market. Of course they have the usual that you’d expect from such a place, but they also have tons of homemade giftable items, including bath salts, housewares, and homemade jams and jellies. This is the place to stop for all of your hostess gifts! Never show up to a party empty handed my momma always said. They even have live Christmas wreaths and garland, I’ll be making a stop soon just for that!

Wherever you shop on Small Business Saturday please remember that when you shop small you truly bless that shop’s owner. Give a shout out to some of your favorite local shops in the comments!

And stay tuned for a list of my favorite direct sales ladies!

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